Smartphones - addiction or a way to simplify our lives?

Today, more than 92% of the Nordic population owns or has access to a smartphone. And we use our phones for way more than just chat and phone calls. Besides banking, shopping and entertainment we increasingly use our phones for more advanced things such as monitoring our home security system, checking our health and even unlocking our cars and homes.

It’s fair to say that we are now more dependent on our smartphones than on our laptops and it’s no surprise that 97% of all Nordic adults with a smartphone use it on a daily basis. No wonder we get frustrated and sad if it breaks or gets lost.

Are we too dependent?

Even if we hate to be apart from it, more than one-third of the Nordic smartphone users feel that they use their phone too much and 52% have experienced negative side effects related to their frequent mobile usage.

Maybe it’s not so surprising after all that sales of so called “dumbphones” are on the rise? We increasingly seek ways to disconnect from the technology that we are becoming more and more dependent on. But the addiction (if that’s how we see it) is hard to break on our own.

Apps that help you minimize your screentime

This summer Apple made their “Screen Time” app native, meaning it comes pre-installed when you buy a new phone or upgrade to iOS 12. Apps like Screen Time allow you to see how much time you spend on social networking apps, or on work-based apps like Skype, Slack and Outlook, and on streaming apps such as Netflix and ViaPlay. If you are worried about your addiction to for example old class mate's facebook statuses or spend too much time scrolling trough "top 10 lists" of dogs doing silly things on Instagram there are apps available to help you set daily time limits.

Take a break while we fix your phone

If a screen time app is too drastic (or not drastic enough), why not ask for a “dumbphone” the next time you have to give your smartphone up for repair? Or let us show you how the different "app-limiting apps" work once your phone is fixed. On the other hand you can just choose to accept that times are changing as technology evolves and go with the flow. The choice is yours!

And just so you know, most of the time we can fix your smartphone while you have a complimentary cup of coffee and quietly browse through one of our printed offline magazines. No need to give it up for too long if you don't want to. 

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